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Safety Helmet for baby
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Safety Helmet for baby - Protective Play Helmet

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Safety Helmet for baby - Protective Play Helmet

Keep your little one secure with the cute Safety Helmet for baby. It helps protect the baby while she enjoys crawling, learning to stand and taking her first steps.

The baby safety helmet reduces the impact of falls and lessens the chance of dangerous head injuries.

Remember that safety is always important...

A lot of parents worry about their babies especially when they are in a stage where they start walking and don't want your support. By the same token, it's crucial to keep them safe

Don´t you agree?

That's why a safety helmet for baby is made to provide safety for your baby.

This helmet is uniquely made from Safe and Non-toxic material that is soft when placed over your baby's head and adjustable to perfectly fit.

This adjustable helmet is perfect for babies and toddlers who are all the time crawling.

Safety Helmet for babyMy baby was like a rhinoceros. He would place his head down and charge around the living room without looking where he was going until something stopped him; usually furniture or a wall.
As you could imagine, often he would end up with a big meaty bruise just like in the picture above.
This was all well and good around the home but when I went out, passers-by would give me judgmental looks… And I knew exactly what they were thinking: That mom beats her baby with a sack of nickels. Source: parentguide.
Safety Helmet for baby

Item Specifics:

  • Material: Cotton Pattern;
  • Type: Solid Strap;
  • Type: Adjustable;
  • Gender: Unisex.


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